30 Day Local Food Challenge

Coming up with Meal Ideas

The true challenge when cooking at home is to come up with new ideas every day. Yes, re-heating leftovers is allowed! Still, through the month of September I personally discovered how difficult it is to create different meals and use up the contents of my fridge and pantry wisely, without wasting anything.

  • yogurt cake,
  • apple crumble using apples given to me by a friend,
  • green tomato chutney using unripened tomatoes from my garden,
  • breakfast bun with scrambled eggs,
  • poached chicken with wilted greens from my garden,
  • foraged elderberry and blackberry syrup,
  • beef meatballs with potatoes and leek,
  • potato gnocchi with butter and crispy sage from my garden.



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Paola Bassanese

Paola Bassanese


Author and freelance writer. I work with clients to create engaging communications. Keen forager and on a mission to have a low carbon footprint