Environmental Protection Agency Climate Change Lecture with Professor Neil Adger

  • hard engineer solutions
  • nature-based solutions
  • relocation.

Disadvantaged Areas Are more Affected by Climate Change

There is a direct correlation between lower income and greater impact of climate change: people on lower income live in poorer areas with cheaper, uninsurable homes. We also need to consider that only 100 years ago extreme weather in cities wasn’t as common as now, and that cities were not built with floods and droughts in mind.

Flood Defences in Bray and Clontarf, Ireland: Two Different Approaches

Man-made flood defences have been built in Bray and Clontarf, and each intervention had completely different reactions among the public.

  • in Bray the whole construction process was communicated thoughout, from an initial public consultation to gather feedback on early design to later design stages and implementation giving people a sense of agency and engagement
  • in Clontarf the process was not communicated causing criticism among the public.



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Paola Bassanese

Paola Bassanese


Author and freelance writer. I work with clients to create engaging communications. Keen forager and on a mission to have a low carbon footprint