FREE Health Check Roadshow across Ireland with the Irish Cancer Society: Your Health Matters Roadshow

Freelance writer Paola Bassanese has a health consultation at the Irish Cancer Society stand in Athlone
  • blood pressure measurement
  • carbon monoxide (CO) measurement
  • body mass index (BMI) calculation.
  • you have high blood pressure — the nurse may advise on lifestyle changes and recommend talking to your physician
  • high CO levels — the nurse may advise on an action plan and recommend talking to your doctor
  • your BMI shows that you are overweight or obese — the nurse may suggest lifestyle changes and tests you should arrange with your physician
  • you have a family history of cancer — the nurse may recommend tests based on your genetic predisposition to cancer, your age, lifestyle, weight and current medical conditions.
  • eating a diet based mainly on unprocessed, fresh food including fruit and vegetables, ideally cooked at home;
  • limiting the intake of salt, sugar and caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee (see for example the NHS’s guidelines to prevent high blood pressure);
  • avoiding or limiting the consumption of alcoholic drinks;
  • avoiding or limiting smoking;
  • keeping the same body weight through regular exercise;
  • including some form of relaxation to help manage stress and anxiety



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Paola Bassanese

Paola Bassanese


Author and freelance writer. I work with clients to create engaging communications. Keen forager and on a mission to have a low carbon footprint